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Near last straw decision - Towler


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I know this may not be the main priority of discussion on the forum with that terrible Barnsley performance still fresh in the memory, but I have a massive negative that no one has pointed out that I've seen which is the situation with Ryley Towler

At the start of the season he secured a League 2 loan to Grimsby Town, something I was very happy with, as it was clear from his appearances with us previously he needed game experience against higher standard opponents than National League or u23s and he goes there and the feedback is he's smashing it. He looked a very competent, technical player who was growing in confidence and maturity.

Then we pull the plug on that move, blindly expect him (a player doing a sound job in league 2) to come into the side and fix our defensive issues. We realise it's not going to happen and he's been sitting in the reserves since, while we sign 2 centre halfs, and have 2 coming back from injury. With this multiplying number he most certainly won't get a game and if we want him back on loan next season it'll likely have to be League 2 again. 

In short, we've taken a player from a loan spell he was thriving it in to have him just train with the first team, doing god knows what to his development.

I've backed Pearson considering the challenges financially he faces, but you can't bring in two centre halfs and recall Towler, it's a move one might expect Holden to make, not someone with his "experience". Little things can have big consequences considering the restraints on the club and a move like this does leave me wondering if NP is the man for this job.

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1 hour ago, Simon bristol said:

Yes, high quality journalism 

1 hour ago, Rocking Red Cyril said:

That interview is the moment of the season ☺️

Hands down 

Remember it when it comes to voting for the Champagne Moment at the end of the season.

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I mean, at least get the standard he was playing at right….

if he was fit he could’ve gone back out on loan to national league again at any point as it’s not restricted by a window. I’d probably expect him to get a league 2 loan next season but he’d probably do pre-season with the first team anyway. 

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