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Price Increase


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Guest alex_mike

i always take a bag of food and drink and on sat i took a few bottles with lids on and they diden't stop me they just checked my bag and let me through!

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it's getting crazy £1.30 for coffee and I think 80p for chocolate with service that is beyond poor. on saturday I had to tell the girl how much change she had to give me. I gave her £11.60 for something that cost £6.60 so I get £5.00 change yet she gacve me £10 back then when I told her I only required a fiver she closed the till with the odd £1.60 still on the counter.

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Check the ask Steve/Colin forum.

Subject Kiosks.

We were allowed to bring in bottles on Saturday due to the hot weather.

I didn't know this befoer hand as had always thought we were not allowed to.

With 2 kids and the old man, not much change out of £20 for drinks!!

I'm taking my flask and a few home made pasties, they'll taste better and I know whats in them, any orders for Swindon??


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Either that or you're Darren Caskey.

Trust you to come up with something like that :D

I agree with what Stu has said though, I get to the ground around about 2 and leave as soon as the players have disappeared down the tunnel after the game. Even if you're one of those people that likes to get into the ground really early, the longest you're going to be in there is 3-4 hours.

The prices and standard of food/drink (along with the service that you don't get on occasions) are well documented. Overpriced goods that are at best average standard, but more often than not poor standard.

If you don't agree with the prices or quality of goods then do the simple thing and don't purchse anything. I don't, and am never really tempted to.

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