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The Forgotten Leagues

Show Me The Money!

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League 1 and 2 seem to be getting even less publicity now that we have "The Championship"

I was watching Sky Sports News last night and they went through all the Championship results and then went onto general premiership news

Hello Sky there are 2 other leagues that were playing tonight. :@

I'd say at least 2 thirds of the Championship teams are no better or bigger than us and get all this publicity.

2 games in and I'm already fed up of this league

Come on lads the get ourselfs into gear and get out of this league so we can start whipping some of these Championship teams arses.

On another point. Did anyone else notice when Sky Sports News were going through the half times scores that we were not only 0-0 with Barnsley at half time but also 1 all with Bury too and what makes it worse is that Jeff Stelling didn't even notice.

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