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Firstly, I think we are still one of the best sides in the div, with some of the best players in the div. However, I have been surprised by several things so far.

1. During the closed season we have lost: i) our topscorer from last year(Peacock) ii) a player who if he had not been injured with games to go, many think we could have been promoted with (Brown) iii) our joint most 'consistent' player over a ten year period (Carey). Love them or some of them or loathe them, these three players have been important to a team who have been pipped to promotion for a couple of seasons now. Yet many of us and several bookmakers still think that we are the favourites for this poor, but hard to get out of league.

2. I do find it a surprise that we are playing a formation such as 433, when we have been close to success with 442 and 352 formations for several years now. I find it a bigger surprise that apparently many of the players don't like 352.

3. I love him and I never want to not like him, but I find it strange that BT has played himself; when I feel that he should be seeing the game from the touchline; if only at the start of a game. Start on the bench BT.

4. We turned down a £400,000 bid for Clayton Fortune and I don't think he's in BT's starting XI. That is huge £ today and either Preston overestimated or we are holding onto a player who is extremely good. If he is this good, as some would say; then get him in, but where?

5. I had two balti-pies on Saturday and both were perfect. thank you.

Lastly, I think that if we get into play-offs this season; (forget the start we've had, this is how I felt when BT was appointed; I think we've done what we should have done. If we get promoted then I think we have done better than many thought and all will deserve a big hurrah.

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