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Rankings - Acadamy/first Team Etc

Big Red Rich

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Why do some people worry so much about being a 'scholar' rather then 'first team'? Surely you have more important things in your life to be worried about? I couldnt tell you if I was a scholar or a programme seller or whatever, as far as I see it, I know the posters who maket he best points and raise the important issues to car what they rating is.

I'd just love to know why it concerns so many people? There are even posts on the admin forum asking why there rating has gone down?!!

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I agree and I really dont understand the point (and thats not just because Ive been relegated to the reserve team ! :dunno: )

I guess it gives you an idea of how many posts people make on this forum but quality rather than quantity HAS to be the way to go !

Still, if some people like them, then they don't really hurt anyone...

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