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Today`s games

Lanterne Rouge

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10 minutes ago, Bas's perfect hattrick said:

Next year's Oxford dictionary will include QPR as an example for the phrase 'dropping like a stone'


4 minutes ago, Red Army 75 said:

Reckon they could go mind 

Particularly with Cardiff winning and going above them in the live table. If Blackpool beat Coventry (currently one down though) they get to within four points of them and play them in a couple of weeks.

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2 hours ago, Lanterne Rouge said:

QPR losing again.


1 hour ago, Red Army 75 said:

Reckon they could go mind 

My mate said months ago they were going. Recently said that Martin was the only one looking like he's trying.
Imagine, Chris Martin is your stand out player. Screams "DOOMED" to me. 

That's no disrespect to Martin, the rest must really be a mess. But then if you've seen that recent video, the Manager has to be part of the problem, again.

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2 minutes ago, Sir Geoff said:

Great result today for Huddersfield but their remaining fixtures are horrendous. One win will see QPR safe imo. The other two (Blackpool and Wigan look gone to me).

Shame Blackpool didn`t get something today v Coventry. Their game v QPR in a couple of weeks though should be interesting. If Rotherham can win their rearranged game v Cardiff and Reading get a points deduction it all of a sudden looks a bit edgy for quite a few teams. Even Swansea could be looking over their shoulders if we beat them tomorrow.

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Slight sidestep, but it was today.

Saw the 2nd half of Spurs game at Southampton. I thought Southampton deserved a draw , they played well. But the Penalty decision looked dodgy, didn't look any real contact. Even the commentator said it would be overturned, so agreeing with him I looked away and missed the next bit, only to turn back when it was upheld.  I'd like to see that one again.

Further down I see my betting jinx was back, Derby losing at home, Spurs throwing a 2-0 lead, Millwall losing at home and Watford not being able to beat Wigan. 
I should use my bets for the greater good, I bet on someone and they drop points, it's my Super Power.

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