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Dead Air on Robins Audio


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Many of us pay an annual subscription of £45 to listen to the live audio commentary. This isn’t the first time this season that there has been no feed and clearly an explanation should be given via the OS, prior the game taking place.

Luckily, as others did, I tuned into RB.

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I made a suggestion, after the debacle last time, which was acknowledged by the streaming site. He said he would refer it to Lisa Knights.

In previous years when Adam was in charge, I was able to advise him if we weren't getting a feed. Twice he thanked me and on one occasion the Radio Bristol commentary team had forgotten to switch on the ISDN box for the separate feed to us.

If the streaming site kept their word and did indeed inform Ms Knights, then she has no excuse.

Aa a former radio broadcaster with plenty of OB technical experience, I know mistakes can happen. However, these mistakes are all too common now and yet nothing is done. 

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I mentioned this problem in the match day thread, it was only by going online to the Radio Bristol Live, as I usually do around 14.00 (16.00 here) and leaving both feeds on, as Robins audio doesn't always start the same time, that I realised that there must be a problem.  Usually the RB live site cuts off just before KO and states "that due to contractual reasons no live commentary is available" This didn't happen, so I was relieved that I could hear the whole of the commentary. Still I agree with others here, that it's just not good enough and that the system needs updating and if there is a problem it should be mentioned on the OS.

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