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What A Difference!

Guest bristolbred

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Guest MaloneFM

Premiership football for them then. Sorry I thought it was May 2005. Thsi means nothing. They know it. We know it.

If you are first well done. If you are second you miss the play offs. If you miss all three you are Danny Wilson.

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No disrespect Turkey, but unless you get some decent players

in quick, you will do exactly what we did last time we went up,

get relegated first season. You beat us fair and square in the

final but we were better than you over the whole season. we have had

a bad start but in this division you can get away with it sometimes

but not in the 1st/championship.

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Saw the Argyle game at Cardiff on Friday night. Were they lucky! Not a bad side and will certainly hold their own, but Cardiff were denied a nailed on penalty and o.g. is currently their top scorer!

Nice to see QPR and Brighton occupying positions 23 + 24

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