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Miller Comes On........

red as fcuk

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Can anyboby tell me why, when we finally get our only target man at the club on the pitch (who obviously should have started) we take away what little width we have? :whistle:

We have been let off the hook after being outplayed by a so called lesser team AGAIN.

After much optimism at the beginning of the season....i am starting to doubt our chances of even getting a playoff finish.

i hope i will have to eat my words in a few weeks time but at the mo i have not seen/heard a great deal to get excited about which is so frustrating as it is obvious to all us on here plus every bookie in the country that we have the playing staff at this club capable of getting out of this sh!te division.

come on tinman where's all this fast flowing football you promised? prove me wrong and give the fans of this club what they deserve PROMOTION :rolleyes:

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I go to around 50% of home games (cost over £100 a game) and a few more away games. I never miss a commentary if I can't go and I have friends who tell me how games went as well. Coupled with forum reports, I have a well rounded view of the games and feel as qualified as any to have a viewpoint.

So there  :P

Cynic, you always have a very honest & structured opinions & certainly one of the posters I look out for.

Don't always agree though!! :P

But I think here you have a very key point & you don't have to be in attendance to point out the fact that Tinnion is still 'sucking it' at the moment.

I am not quite sure whether he or the players quite know what formation or part they are going to play at the moment.

Pound for a penny now that he goes with the line up that finished today on Tuesday.

He is trying to find that winning formula, but his inexperience is showing with not really knowing what is his best line up or formation?

Still credit to him today he threw on attacking players & we looked a little more effective.

Once we get the winning feel then we may find a settled side.

Lets hope it comes real soon.

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Have a feeling point being missed here. Inevitably Tinnion has to learn and seems that unfortunately we seem reluctant to give him this opportunity. Personally feel he's cursed with a big squad and over the first three matches my opinion as to the best combinations has already changed for what that's worth. If we genuinely believed that a few pre seasons was going to allow him the knowledge required to give us a team that would walk this div then obviously we blessed him with an ability that the majority of successful managers have gained over many seasons. Give the guy a chance, accept that he's willing to recognise his mistakes and react to them quickly. I think he'll get there before we do.

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The point is that we nearly got promoted last season with largely the same squad - ok, some have left but only Carey is missed (don't tell me the Tamworth player Aaron Brown was ever worth a place in the team). Some have arrived but are no better than what we already had.

So all Tinnion has to do is emulate last seasons side, but tweak it a bit by selecting a balanced team. 4-4-2 with Miller up front in place of Peacock.

Whats difficult about that ? It should have worked last season, but Wilson was over cautious and selected players out of position.

Tinnion hasn't got a difficult task - he is making it difficult.

Have to say, I agree with Cynic on this one. We had the players to get auto promotion last year, but not the manager. One of the principal benefits of having Tinman over an outsider should have been that he knew all the players well enough to know, more or less, who was capable of what and who should be in the starting XI. He doesn't seem to have achieved that yet.

However, I also agree with the well-made point that we are expecting a hell of a lot for a new manager to land running and do it all in the space of a few games. The question is simply how quickly he will learn, and the signs don't look bad at all to me on that front. It was obvious that he was trying to micromanage on the pitch, and Tins took an first important step towards recognising that and correcting it today by dropping himself. The phrase he used was to let the players "take responsibility". I'd call it letting them breathe, but either way it was a positive move because it showed Tins is not as prone to Wilson's Achilles Heel of stubbornness in the face of blindingly obvious truths.

The biggest problem now seems one of organisation. It is down to Tins to make sure the players actually know exactly what is expected of them. That's not down to telling them that a performance is "unacceptable". It's down to tactical and positional specifics on the training field so that they know exactly what is required of them in the 4-3-3 formation, and if they are not capable of it then altering the formation to one they CAN play. I have to admit that going on his comments so far, I'm not 100 per cent convinced yet that Tinman actually knows himself exactly what he expects of all the players, so perhaps it's not a surprise that they don't know either.

Whatever, we have to give Tinman time to learn. It's the price we paid for getting rid of Danny, and in my opinion was one worth paying. He shows signs of being prepared to learn quickly, which is crucial because every learning mistake he makes is costing us points.

I have a feeling that once we get that crucial first win behind us, the players and the manager will relax more and get into a routine. Let's hope it's against Swindle.

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Personally feel he's cursed with a big squad...

Cursed(!) with a big squad? Isn't that partially of his own making with the players he's brought in? And isn't that the 'ideal' situation that all managers crave?

If we genuinely believed that a few pre seasons was going to allow him the knowledge required to give us a team that would walk this div...

Obviously we don't, but I think we are entitled to expect that he would have at least an idea of his best team and formation. I think we are also entitled to think that we would give a better account of ourselves (regardless of results) than we have seen in the first three games.

Give the guy a chance, accept that he's willing to recognise his mistakes and react to them quickly. I think he'll get there before we do.

Of course we will, but perhaps he needs reminding that he doesn't have four seasons to get it right and the points being dropped now may become crucial at the end of the season.


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Ive not seen any games so far this season, so these observations are not so much on team performance, more on what has been happening around the team this season. Hopefully they add a touch of realism to the situation, rather than the heavy doses of optimism or pesimism we usullly have .

We were only just shy of promotion last time and, although I was one who felt Wilson should stay and finish the job, I also felt that when Tinnion was appointed that his fresh approach could give the club a boost and make a difference.

The squad is good enough, and probably one of the best in the division. The changes to the squad are marginal - if Peacock, Carey and Brown wanted out then it's for the best that they went before the season started.

However, the biggest problem I see is that Tinnion might be trying a bit too hard to make it HIS team. Instead of fine tuning what was already a decent side, he has made pretty big changes, including changing the formation we play. I am sure this was partly so that if success is achieved then there could be no reflected glory for Dannny Wilson.

Unfortunately, after 3 games the general feedback I'm reading indicates that we have a team not sure what way they are meant to be playing and players being picked out of position e.g. Murray. Following on from this, the manager is now having to make changes to the team because of results and performances and this is not exactly helping to give us a settled side.It also looks like those changes will soon have us back to 4-4-2 (no problem with that) and, apart from enforced changes ( Smith for Carey, Miller for Peacock - eventually!) playing pretty well with last season's personnel in situe.

To get to this point, we have had 3 matches which no one can regard as a sucess and where we are lucky to have 2 points.

A gap of 7 points between us and the top teams is not disasterous at this stage of the season. What is of greater concern is the players confidence and the effect this has on the form and performances. We took the lead against torquay and you would have expected us to dominate the game, but we lost the initiative and failed to kill of a side, as we did for much of last season. We are going to soon run into sides who have confidence sky high wheras we are struggling to get into any sort of rythmn and without a settled side. No matter how goo our squad is, without confidence they won't get anywhere.

Also, I am still at a loss to work out why we again seem to struggle to score ( apart from Leroy) when we have a more attacking approach this year.

WE started at home against Torquay with 14000+ at the Gate and from all the reports there was huge anticipation and an expectant atmosphere. If it weren't Swindon at home next, then results and performances so far would undoubtedly have seen subsequent gates fall and the moaners and wingers more easily heard at home games.

Credit to Tinnion if he does recognise when things aren't working, and makes changes accordingly. However, the season will soon be well into it's stride and if we want promotion this season then Tinnion may have to learn that football is like life - "it ain't a dress rehearsal - you get just one go at it!"

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