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Please Tell Me This Isn't True,,,,,


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Its been mentioned already that he was booed when he was taken off. However, I couldnt hear anything that was being directed at Murray, unless the PA system was too loud that I couldnt hear it.

If it is true that he was booed then those that were the culprits should be ashamed of themselves. Yes, he was one of the worst players today and he isnt back to his best, but as mentioned previously he will never score 26 goals again in a season. No players should be booed by their own supporters and especially someone who has been a good servant to us.

Tommy D was very poor today and in my opinion worse than Murray, but did I hear anyone booing at him when he played a missed placed pass, no, all I heard was Oooo Tommy Tommy.......

So, if in the future one of our players does something bad, dont boo them, get behind the team and we'll benefit in the end with promotion!

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I don't see the logic of booing players during the game! Granted they're paid by the club to play well for us but so are every other player in the football league..if a players gets booed/abused by his own fans then how is that going to motivate the player to play for the red-shirt? As long as a player is giving 100% he deserves support from the fans; it can be embarrassing at times to hear our fans getting on our players backs. Some will argue that they pay their money and have the right to boo if they're not satisfied but I can't see how booing a player who is short of confidence, performed heroics for us in the past and always trying their best on the pitch is justifiable.

Some booed at half-time(the first half was shocking-we just never got going)but not aware of any booing of Murray! How short are some people's memories?

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Guest hairyshamrock

I don't see the point in cheering the team off the pitch if they've played like a bunch of lepers! If someone's had a cr*p game, tell them and then it's up to them to put it right.

I will always maintain that players with the right attitude will not let boos effect them negatively. You use it positively and work harder to put it right.

Ask Tinnion!

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