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this preston follower won't be coming to the Gate

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Enjoyed this bit ? 

Richard Prew, offering mitigation, said he blamed the Rovers defence rather than the defendant for the late goal. Mr Prew, a lifelong Rovers supporter, said his client had told the police his motivation for running onto the pitch.

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Harsh ? Probably.

Unexpected ? No , not totally.

You know the punishment , why or how you enter the pitch or for what reason makes no difference. You know you will get banned, he even said so himself , so these sentences will happen. 

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On 29/06/2023 at 03:36, Lewisdabaron said:

Very harsh punishment imo. 


They have to make an example, this man admitted to trying to affect the game/result. If he wasn’t treated harshly it could lead to others attempting the same.

Going on the pitch is illegal and potentially carries a punishment, there’s no excuse.

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