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Downsy !!!


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3 minutes ago, Crackers Corner said:

He was a bit late announcing the subs

Yep that was a mess.

Also can't they just put the teams up on the screens instead of showing the whole game?

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37 minutes ago, Wrongagain said:

Very low key! Perhaps club actually reacting to fan criticism - should have been moved on last season, hell of a long time since there was an announcer so derided by the fans!

I’m amazed he was still employed after openly sexualising the Bristol rugby team, who are colleagues of his on twitter. 


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6 minutes ago, And Its Smith said:

First game of the season and we have negative comments/threads on this forum on Downsy, Pies, the clock, clapping Garland, the performance, Pearson and the pitch

So glad the season is back!

We do get increasing amounts wrong off the pitch however.

The Pre-season Meet the Players was a lovely idea but with sketchy planning at best.

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10 hours ago, RoystonFoote'snephew said:

What happened to higher or lower? Did I miss them giving away a prize to a kid. 

Pointless shite, that. Can see them holding a tablet with the completed board for the kid to read the right answers off of.

if I had a kid I'd tell them to get it wrong on purpose so Downsy gets lost at what to do. In exchange, I'd buy them a bigger prize than the one the club are offering.

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