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Lee Miller Yesterday......


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To be honest I have never rated Miller, last season I can honestly say I could not think back to one thing and say he did lright doing that.

However, this season for me he has looked a different player, I first seen it when he came on at Newport hes not just running around like a headless chicken anymore hes actually achieving something from al lthis running.

Yesterday he was fantastic, he chased down most balls and had a general all round good play. I tell you what, me saying this will shock many as I really have not been a lover of Miller and have vowed that I never would. When you start to see bad sides of a player it becomes increasingly harder to get away from that dislike!!

But Miller is slowly but surely winning me over with his effort, yesterday he had more fire in his belly than The Doc who may i say had a poor game yesterday.

If he shows that kind of passion and ability every game yes he should start with Lita I'm sure we would get goals.

Well done Miller did us proud and yourself proud keep it up I would love for you to proove me wrong :D

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