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I'm not a keen admirer of Bradly Orr so far I have heard a few people singing his praises but really can 't see why.

He seems to get back a lot and not do much, when he gets forward very rarely does much then in the middle hes got his area that he seems to get stuck in when he gets there. The first 5-10 minutes of eysterdays game he was stuck inside the center circle walked up and down and doing little pathetic children jumps towards players going past him.

The one good thing about him and its ###### brilliant is his shot. He has a thunderous shot and if he can just learn to keep it down that extra few inches then it would be superb.

He still got a lot to proove for me though and would love to see young Harley given his chance over him for a bit.

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I think Tinnion is certainly impressed by him and we have got to remember that despite coming from another club he is still a youngster,the same with gillespie.

Orr i think can become a good player for us and he has a perfect build for a midfield player with height aswell as being good on the floor. I feel Tins needs to encourage him to push on even more and Tommy needs to sit in. Also, get some shooting sessions in on the training field where he practises hitting the target because once he does this a keeper will do well to keep them out.

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Can't see it myself, he doesn't actually make an effect on the game, you can look at any other player and think yes he has done something at least with him he just doesn't seem to make as much of an impact as others.

I'm probaly being a bit harsh as I have very strong opinions on Ryan Harley staring. I think he had the best Pre-season out of anyone and deserved a start against Torquay, he hasn't even got out on the pitch yet which i think is a bit harsh as i think he has a lot of talent.

Attack minded sorry I can't see it, hes a very central player spends most of his time there and goes forward as much as he goes back which isn'

t a great deal in my eyes.

In his shooting he has definate potential, in his passing you can see potential at times so with a bit of hard work on the training pitch he could become a talented player howqever i just don't feel hes the finished article for first team football yet.

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Orr didn't have a great first half on Saturday, looked to be running around to little effect - but that is something you could say about all of them for the first half (although some weren't even doing the running around)!

Previous two games and in pre season he looked much better - good passing, ability to run from box to box for full 90 mins, good tackling and an excellent shot. Early days yet, he has only just joined us and has not really seen first team action before.

But my prediction would be that he will make an impact this year and be a first team regular - attitude, skill, fitness and ability all there, just lacks a little experience.

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