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4-4-2 V 4-3-3

Red Sinjen

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After the opening two games the majority of supporters were calling for, reverting to a 4-4-2 system. Now apparently on Sat, we played some of our worst 45 mines for many a season playing that very system and when changing to a 4-3-3 at half time looked a different side that eventually got something from the game. Knowing how fickle we are does this mean we should now ditch the 4-4-2 as Tin man did at half time? I personally still think we should give 4-3-3 a go a little longer, 6 games or so to gauge the true effectiveness of the system. I think our squad is better suited and equipped to playing this system and when the players fully adapt to it will take advantage of the extra man up front. Yes I think the front three needs to be a little more intelligent in creating width in their play when we are attacking but like a lot of new things, this may take just a little fine tuning and away we go.

I think we have got too drawn into this whole formation thing and have used it as a scapegoat to explain the first two performances where in fact we were just poor and would have been poor regardless of the system. Maybe down to nerves and new faces etc who knows :D

Finally, it is so refreshing to hear our manager come out and say it as it is for a change. Again regardless of the tactics selected the performance of the team was not acceptable in the first half. It will be more interesting to see how the team reacts to this extremely pubic critiscsm. I think our previous manager was far too protective of the players when they had so obviously done poorly. Maybe he felt he had a team that would sulk if they were publicly criticised?!

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