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Inexperience & Physical Presence


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...these are two reasons why we'll struggle again this season, further to the inevitable mistakes that Tinnion will make in his first season in charge of the first team.

The 3 sides we've played so far HAVE all been awful I'm afraid. However they have had physical players that bustle our small, weak players off the ball too easily.

In addition, while I admire the clubs policy of bringing in youth players...its not exactly quick fix and it looks like we'll stuggle again with no-one taking hold of the game and shouting orders about on the pitch. Murray as captain?? Thats starting to look like a mistake.

These were things that stood out at Bournemouth for me. 2nd half we were MARGINALLY better as Bournemouth tired.

We still looked uninterested and boring though.

Still, a win on Saturday will kick start our season...anything else and its not looking too clever.

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