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I'm Sorry..

Bristol Boy

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that we would loose 2 or 3-0 and I think that would be the case irrespective of who played.(See reply to Riazi G Post)

Now DW, go out and sign two players on loan, definetly a right winger (Man Utd have loads) and possibly either a left winger (Harpel Singh, type player) while AB's out, or a central midfielder that gets past the ball and scores.

You can't win anything by being "SOLID" and not scoring and it's now 11 conceeded and one scored in the last five games

Ply 4-0

Wre 0-0

Wyc 3-0

Wed 1-1

Soton 3-0

Get on with it mate, please!

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Well I knew (that heart ruling head) we would lose tonight, we were playing the prem, are still low on confidence and trying a new formation for only the 2nd time this season.

What I didn't expect was to lose to two gifts (DC should have done better on the 1st) and a deflected free kick. I didn't think for all the flow and pretty stuff that the saints created as much as I feared they might.

I also saw much to be hopeful about going forward against a prem defence we got more chances and shots on target than for some time.

When you think of how much better saints looked after they scored and relaxed, it would have been interesting to see how they would have reacted if the "goal" had been allowed to stand.

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The three goals all were down to errors, therefore City pressed the self-destruct. I agree City are low on confidence but I think 3-5-2 ought to be persevered with.

I think also we should steel ourselves for a mid-table position unless things improve; I can't see us scoring enough goals to get us up and our defence is leaking too many soft goals. At present we go 1-0 down and its goodbye win. All we can hope for are 1-0s at present, so I hope we win 1-0 on saturday.

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