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See Out Crowd

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All about organisation, and being able to cope with large crowds.

CSF is not a reason, are you telling me that the Premier league etc don't have these problems. :(

Maybe the additonal cost to police a smaller gap, outweighs the extra money taken for filling the seats. :D

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I feel it has to do with the design of the stadium as well. The clubs you mention have 'state of the art' stadiums that wrap around and are not sectioned into different stands like Ashton Gate.

This way it is easy to section off different parts of the stadium for cup and league matches and therefore easy to manage.

It's more difficult do this in a stadium that does not wrap around, besides, Southampton did fill the east end with slight segregation in front of the Dolman and the usual seats in the Williams.

MM :(

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just a thought- cost of dozens of police in a line? Prem clubs can afford it- we can't? Would we make up the difference in extra ticket sales? is it worth the risk? by the time we realised last night would sell out was it too late?

[Edit]- for what it's worth I think there SHOULD be segregation. A line of police is not ideal and doesn't allow for people to throw things. BUT with a block free, a net and TWO fences (all of which we have) we SHOULD be able to put home fans in the corner of the Wedlock. 5,500. 1000 segregation. 2000- away fans.2,500 home fans. (unreserved seating) There- easy. :(

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