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Player Power Must Not Win

Red Robin

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Moving on from my previous post last night,People seem to think Tins should go and the players win again.

If you all use your brain cells and think a little player power is not going to get this club going forward,especially when you have players just here for the ride.I am talking of Local Bristol lads here, as well as others.

This club has been doomed for the last four years or so with the same players apart from one or two that come in.

It quite clearly stood out a mile last year certain players just did not perform

Tommy D was one of the best last year no question about that,however as a proffesional footballer the player should give his all under the new management team.

If he and certain others don't want to play under Tinman then hold your hands up and say I won't out.

Because us fans that pay our hard earned money home and away want to see you give 120% every week for the red shirt.

Tommy commented last week don't boo us back us WELL TOMMY GET THE TEAM PLAYING FOR THE CAUSE AND START WINNING GAMES and us fans will back you to the hilt.

If not then feel the wrath of us fans because we are not stupid,We can see wen the team is giving it all.

Brians interview was spot on and if you are not picked tomorrow you fans should now the reason why they have not played because they are not upto it.

Tommy was dropped yesterday[not injured],You will see more as time goes on.


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