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Prediction League Update

Maesknoll Red

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Well, the inherent optimisim of many of the PL members has given us another very low scoring round, with the rounds top scorer doing so because he gained 15 bonus points for correctly predicting 645 travelling City fans.

So with 21 points, kit was the highest scorer, followed by miller4scotland (16 points) and league leader bristolbred third with 7 points.

Don't forget to post your Bonus predictions on the BONUS PREDICTION post, pinned to the top of the PL forum.


bristolbred 41

chalky 33

deadratinmycider 30

Dogbert 30

Jimbob 26

kit 26

oiiy 23

Clevedon Red 23

terpin 21

Tian 21

citypope 20

Robbored 20

nobby 18

whooosh 18

bobby 17

whitey 03 17

Mr Snufflelufagus 17

miller4scotland 17

Stylus 16

TimmerD 16

elko 16

The PL website will be updated after the Brentford game.

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