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Report/player Ratings

Guest jimbo76

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Guest jimbo76

Being an exiled Red, I'm bouncing off the walls at the moment with relief/joy/anticipation.

Can someone hurry up with a match report and some player ratings please. From what I heard on the radio, it sounded like our better players who have been letting us down so far this season, have finally found their bollo*ks.

Come on you Reds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I had a really silly grin on my face when I saw that Murray had scored a couple. Almost as important as the result that he got a couple because he was so important in our side a couple of seasons ago.

I was getting worried about him, hopefully he's back for good! :baa::ph34r:

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brentford were a poor side,although dropping bradley orr,and replacements murray,wilkshire,roberts made a difference actually having pace and width instead of playing down the middle.

ratings out of 10

phillips 5/10 quiet afternoon apart from dodgy kick which he was lucky to get away with

smith 6/10 didnt do much wrong

coles 7/10 solid performance

butler 6/10 did get caught out by a few crosses.

hill 7/10 best game this season also 1 highlight of afternoon with superb 50 yard pass cross field to murray which he mis controlled and went out of play.

murray 8/10 superb performance though control did let him down at times.

wilkshire 9/10 best game ive seen him play certainly what we've missed even if did play on the left wing.

doherty 7/10 faultless performance although temper did nearly cost him another booking.

tinnion 7/10 did'nt start well but soon found his passing range.

roberts 7/10 good performance never stopped running,made good passes,crosses which no one was on the end of.

lita 6/10 very quiet game.

man of match can't split wilkshire and murray

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4 for Roberts you are kidding?

Phillips = 6/10

Smith = 7/10

Hill = 7/10

Butler = 7/10

Coles = 7/10

Murray = 8/10

Wilkshire = 8/10

Doherty = 7/10

Tinman = 7/10

Lita = 6/10

Roberts = 7/10

Well done to Tinman choosing a good team, now we just need all to stay fit and start with the same starting line up :ph34r:

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hill 7/10 best game this season also 1 highlight of afternoon with superb 50 yard pass cross field to murray which he mis controlled and went out of play.

Not sure why you think Hill played so well. I thought he was the only shaky player. Lots of poor balls through to Brentford players. I don't think he is playing well at the moment and today was not much difference. I agree about Murray and Wilkshire being joint MOM's. So glad Orr was dropped.

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I don't normally go for this stuff, but I am in a good mood today so here goes.

Phillips 6 (little to do but most of his kicking was better than normal)

Smith 7 (set the tone with some strident tackles and supported Murray well)

Coles 7 (A different player with Butler there)

Butler 8 (mainly for his influence on the rest but also for his quiet assurance)

Hill 7 (did well going forward and filling in when Luke went inside)

Wilkshire 9 (Always looking for the different option and two well taken goals)

The Doc 8 (for his play) 6 (for his crazy mixed up attitude)

Tinman 7 (put his money where his mouth is and proved a lot of us wrong)

Murray 8 (confidence grew and grew as the game went on and two goals)

Lita 7 (worked hard took up some good positions, never got a shot at goal)

Roberts 5/6 (the enigma that is Roberts always an outlet, missed an open goal, never struck up an understanding with Lita)

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How can you possibly give Lita more than Roberts today? Both put in plenty of effort and I'm not sure they will work as a partnership, but Roberts often pulled players out of position and made some telling passes. He also got himself into 2/3 positions where (admitedly) he should have at least hit the target, but he got himself there through brains and speed.

I knew CR would get bad press after missing a couple, but after focusing on Lita who often stepped into Murray's areas thus bringing defenders with him; I think that CR is developing into an intelligent footballer.

CR 7 today, 8 with a goal.

LL 6 today, 1 defence splitting pass for murray's 2nd; but little else + a little light

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Ha ha ha ha, scathing irony, blistering sarcasm, vicious satire, super stuff, just what the forum is about.

You were joking weren't you?

Precisely the reason I don't normally get involved in these things, one mans exciting runner is another mans headless chicken.

I stick by my comments although I was over generous to Lita and perhaps I would give Chris 6/7 for the second half effort.

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