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Guest Hanham_Red

I'm just savouring our 1st league victory of the season. Dont care about adds for promotion right now. How good does it feel to win again.

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Got to catch up with Luton of all teams!!.

Each way bet for a play-off place??. :)

Cant understand the surprise...they were a decentish side last season, despite being in receivership, most of it, and having loan players and kids all over, because of injuries etc...........not sure if they are quite good enough to go up, with a small side, but certainly look good for playoffs.

If we keep the team, and their uck you we're going to win atitude, we can get back amongst the top sides, and we have, one of the best sides in the division this year, although, I STILL think Wednesday will win the league........

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We've won one game from six and that against a side that I thought were absolutely appalling.

I know it's early days but we're miles behing the likes of Colchester in the table for god's sake and look at the comparison between budgets.

This is typical of the over reaction we get on here, before people start speculating on titles, play offs etc there's got to be more evidence than a single League win.

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