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Long Ball Football

Guest Rob

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I feel signing someone like haworth will attract us into playing long ball football as players especially the defenders will just see him then pump the ball up to him.

Soton fans had the same concern when sturrock bought crouch in because its only natural to use the big man as an easy option. I feel that if we sign someone like this we could see ourselves playing neck ache football with out midfield full of passing talent such as doherty and tins and missing the pace and natural ability of the likes of murray and wilkshire and us constantly aiming for a big man.

We will become even more predictable then we are at the moment and if and when we get promoted this style of play will simply not work as teams will be far better and able to capitalise it.

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I agree that our players should be encouraged not to use the long ball as an easy option, but it is useful to have it as an option.

John Ward's team had Torpey as a targetman and managed to mix long ball and passing football quite successfully.

Don't forget that Brentford gave us an awful lot of time on the ball yesterday. In other games we could find that Roberts and Lita simply get clobbered, and the midfield don't have time to play round the opposition as they did yesterday. In those situations having a long ball as a viable option could be the difference between winning and drawing.

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As a tactic i dont see anything especially wrong with it - particularly in this division where ball players are at a premium and midfield is more often than not very congested with people kicking 7 bells of the preverbial out of each other.

Whilst yesterday was great it aint always going to be possible so the other option of a the 'direct' ball is handy to use.

The key as Tinnion rightly said in his infamous interview on saturday is that its got to stick to whoever it gets played to. We must be able to retain possession once its played long, ahem direct, and allow the midfield time to get up and support - thats what were currently lacking which is a problem cause thats what gets goals!!

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