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Colin Slams "so Called Fans"


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Its about time we got strict. I have had enough of these City hooligans ruining it for those who want to support Bristol City by getting behind the team. :D

Its the reason we can't go in the East End. Its the reason we have a bad reputation across the country with police and other clubs.

I hope all those who are guilty are banned from all City games indefinatly.

However, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I understand that people do get arrested for doing nothing and the police get it wrong sometimes. But Hull have had the common sense to install cctv whithin the stadium so all i can say to those caught on it;


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Guest mikethemunch

I agree that fans that were arrested should be banned, although i can't believe 20 were arrested in the ground, i did hear about a minibus full getting arrested on the way home.

To a degree what happened in the ground was unacceptable, however i would question what you can actually do in terms of prosecution.

Anyone who threw missiles or attacked stewards or police will be banned. People who chant at the away fans and point and surge at a barrier well you have to question what the level of intent was, and whether this is a banning offence. It seemed to me if you were going to attack the fans you should jump over the 3/4 foot wall at the bottom of the stand.

The main questions i would ask is

Why place the City fans next to the Hull fans when there is an entire stand empty, surely in the middle would have been sensible?

The behaviour of the Hull fans will wind people up, it certainly did with me. they along with us should not be allowed to stand for the entire game.

Why serve alcohol through the game and let people bring it into the stands?

I read on another thread about someone taking a 10 year old. whilst it does the game no credit i have to say that there is no way i would have taken my kids to Hull. The stadium has a history of violence along with the club, i seem to remember trouble in Bristol with the sags last year.

My overall view.....handbags

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I was at the game saturday and can someone please enlighten me;

Was there one punch thrown in anger inside/out side the ground?

Do you all see any type of banter/chanting or delerium once your team have scored as hooliganism?

Anyone caught throwing seats/coins etc should be banned but most of you on here are blowing this out of all proportion

:Sleep12: :Sleep12: :Sleep12: :Sleep12:

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