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Players Psychology


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Good managers know how to use mind games and trigger players attitudes/form. Right now at BCFC at this place in time psychology can make or break us. Smith and Brooker as captain and vice captain, masterstrokes. Both strong willed and dedicated, leading from the front. Right now we have 3 scousers, Brown/Gillespie/Orr, who hang out together. The opportunity is ripe to play them together. They will give everything to outplay each other, support each other and WIN. In a 3-5-2, we should play Brown-Gillespie-Orr-Carey-Wilkshire, with Gilly playing in the hole. Carey can play midfield as we are told, and Wilks has spent most of the season at left midfield with effect.Smith-Ireland-Fortune at the back are strong, and we know that Orr/Wilks can cover the field in support when needed. Brooker and Heffs/Lita at front gives us a highly mobile motivated team, too quick for most opposition in this division. Forget the newspaper slagging, work the players minds the right way and results will come. That includes Doc, if he can be turned around, and at 25 he can still be an asset.

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