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Lita Always An U21 Prospect...


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Obviously, The match against Hull solidified Leroy's inclusion in the team. The great news is, it seems from these comments that They've had their eye on Leroy before the weekend match, so He could be in for a regular role with the U21's!!!

If Hull go up (and I think they will), don't be surprised if Leroy is playing for them next season. Peter Taylor is on record as saying that he is a big admirer of Leroy's style of play. Lita and Elliott together would be a very good strike duo.

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He was in a training camp for the U-19's a while back so he's obviously a player in the minds of the England set up at the moment.

Personally (and selfishly for our benefit) i hope he doesnt play or if he does get on has a stinker.

Apart from that good luck son

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