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Tonmmy's Ni Performance

Guest ciderred77

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Guest ciderred77

I have to admit I didn't see the entire game but judging by the goal conceded and the fact he was subbed at half-time he was no better for them than he has been for us lately.

The goal was typical Tommy. Defending a free-kick he was in a one man wall (actually looked like he was standing in the wrong position, but that may be harsh), he watched the ball looped over him, stood still and watched as they scored then tramped off back towards the centre circle.

He has done this for City this season and for a player who's reputation was built on hardwork and desire it's a worry. If you take those two things out of his game there ain't alot left. Not a great range of passing, sometimes ott in the tackle and 9 goals in 213 appearances isn't exactly prolific.

I saw thanks for the hard work over the preceeding 7 seasons, time to go to pastures new and we'll take whatever we can get out of the deal. That left winger 'll do nicely.

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