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Made my day that has... Great to have you staying Tommy despite some of the dross written on here there are loads of us who only want to see u doing the business in a City shirt. Some of us wont forget what u have already done for this club and we're behind u 100% GREAT NEWS your STAYING. :yawn:

Lets have support messages for Tommy passed on. Let him know he's wanted. Leroy had his England best wishes now lets do the same with Tom.

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I'm confused, (which doesn't take a lot) :yawn: I work nights down here with a load of pastie munchers and they were all coming in at 3.00am this morning

saying they had taken him on loan and he was playing saturday? I've only just woke up and saw the article on planet sky, so somebody enlighten me please. I hope it's true he's staying because

most of us know what a good player he is when his mind is in the right place,

maybe Tins actions have made tommy look at his part in this? Could be a turning point, i bloody well hope so for tommy, the club and the fans.

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This is great news for City and all concern.

Tommy is City and i'm glad he wants to fight for his place in the first team.

Will he get the captains band back if hes playing again?

I'll feel sorry for smithy if this is the case, but when he's on form the Doc is sheer quality

c'mon Doc, give up the tabs and lets see you back to your best

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