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Worst Away Day Trip


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In response to the Crap Ground thread, my vote would be Springfield Park, Wigan. ;)

It reminded me why I went there, which was because I received refunded travel with CATS, following our fixture at Plymuff on a bank holiday. Four of us decided to go by train, a special had been arranged.

Firstly, the engine was'nt man enough to pull the carriages full of Cidereds, and we had to endure a mid journey engine transfer.

We eventually pulled up into the station on the middle of three tracks, coppers and dogs everywhere. You could see the ground just up the hill.

Basically with 2000 City fans already in the ground, they did not want another 1000 joining in the fun. So, it was announced the train would be going back to Bristol. Well, this just started one of those never to be forgotten moments, when nearly the entire train offloaded and people were running all over the station, trying to get to the game.

We spent 9 hours on that train and saw no game, the coppers had told us we were 1 up, we lost 1 nil. :@

I felt real sorry for the poor bloke at a station near Weston, the train stopped and as he sat in his signal hut he was pelted by light bulbs, the train was a mess after.

But we did get to go to Wigan :yawn:

Anybody else remember this ????

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I remember this. It was good friday 1985. My husband was on the train, he got to plymouth got off the train, got chased by a load of police and their dogs and got back on again quickly. Police coudn't cope. I was stuck at home 7 months pregnant with twins. Had to laugh when he got back. Serves him right for leaving me at home. We always call that day the long good friday.

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