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I Was Looking Through My Old Programmes...

Cider Red Sam

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I was scanning through my old programmes earlier today, and I got to my Barnsley programme from the away match last year, where Rougier scored and we won 1-0. Anyway, there was an interview with Craig Ireland in there. He said "To be fair we are sick of the sight of Bristol City this season! Having said that they are a good team and fully deserve to be in the position they are in. They are a very good passing team, bla bla bla"

Another person who thinks we're a passing team!

Also, sounded like he was happy at Barnsley, "I want to be here (Barnsley) as part of the club because I can see it going forward and challenging for honours next season. I want to be part of that".

Wonder if it will be a similar situation here, where he wants us, but we don't want him? Personally, I havent seen enough of him yet to make a decision, but to me he doesn't look like he can play football, he's just a "stopper", but with the departure of Butler (who I believed was a good footballer as well as a goodish stopper), I guess thats just what we need.

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