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City 0-1 Walsall


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Anybody ready to see us played off the park home and away by Yeovil next season?

BBC WM say "what a fantastic victory for Walsall tonight. Thoroughly deserved." and "one of the more unlikely away victories this season".

Yet again we have shown little commitment and been out-muscled by a team who even though they lack technical ability, just wanted it more. How much more of this rubbish is to come this season?

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I had to work until 8pm tonight, going by Radio Bristol and the response of our performance tonight I'm glad I missed it.

We can still make the playoffs, but how we're going to do it is a diferent story, until it's mathmatically impossible I'll try and stay possitive. ( this may change on a day to day basis) :yawn:

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Plenty more rubbish whilst BT plays:

a) Himself

b) Mickey 'mono paced' Bell

c) Scott 'playing crap every week, but best man' Murray

Whilst ignoring

a) Marc 'always likely to get a goal' Goodfellow

b) Steve 'just scored 4 in 4' Gillespie

c) Paul 'bench warmer' Heffernan

Time for Tinnion & Millen to be shown the door, patience has run out.


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