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Five More Points..

City Exile

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and we are safe. Not clear where they are coming from however.

Been around long enough to know these results happen, but the performance sounded dire, dire, dire.

:yawn:  ;)  :D  :grr:  :grr:  :dunno:  :dunno:  :dunno:

Let me have some of your bottle, even with 10 points, the other teams would have to lose all of theirs for 4-5 games. City's team is gutted, the players are split in 2, and the manager is washing the laundary in the press. Tins, explain playing Bell as a sub when you have an international , Wilkshire not even on the bench. You need a goal, and bring on Bell !!!!! with a creative goal scorer like Gillespie on the bench. What are you thinking!!!! basic mistakes all year from the bench!!!!!!!!

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