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Endemic City Problem

Guest Anduril

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Guest Anduril

BCFC is a gravy train for the players - that's the problem and has been ever since we became a big club in the third division about 15-16 years ago.

We pay above average salaries for the division and attract a bunch of players who seem to care little for the club (with a few notable exceptions), and simply wish to take their wages and go out boozing and clubbing.

I think Tinman was right to have heart to hearts ... but I am afraid the problems run too deep for a quick sort out.

I am seriously considering whether to bother with a season ticket next season ... after having one ever since they replaced standing with seats in the Williams (is that 15-16 years?). Basically, I would not mind so much being a *edited* team if the players were putting in the effort and doing as well as they could ... or if the opposition was simply better than us ...

Problem is, we can see glimpses of what this team could be. For short periods in most games they look like class. In some games this season we have murdered the top teams in the division. If the team and players played at 75% of potential for 60 minutes each game we would have run away with this division and need another 3 or 4 wins to go up!!

So, I cannot stand another season of watching us struggle against rubbish teams (and let's face it, the last two seasons has seen the worst standard in the division overall in many a long year - probably ever!!!).

I'm fed up with this *edited*!!!

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