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So Sad To See!


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The walls are realy falling in on Tinnion and it's a real sad site to see, it was so obvious that this gambled scenario was going to be the likely outcome, as for SL comments on "judge me on Tinnion", I think these words will come back to haunt him for a very long to to come, saving money on promoting player(s) as Managers is a very big gamble, which I'm affraid has not paid off.

I didn't go to the game tonight as I had to work until 8p.m., it turned out to be a blessing in diguise.

And so yet again we fail to beat a team that are Mid League 1 matereal, also there away record (Walsall) speaks for itself with only 1 away win before tonight ( They beat bottom of the league Stockport!!).

As our League status and performances state at this moment in time it's only going to be a matter of Weeks if not day's that SL will have no choice but to show Tinnion the door, I hope this doesn't mean he leaves the club completely he deserves better than that, but move to some other posision at the club, such as training coach, he still has alot to offer the club but not as manager I'm afraid.

We've now played more games than anyone else above us, some clubs even have 3 games in hand over us to, now I do think this club needs to be thinking on building for promotion for next season as we all know with football they don't fix themslves over night, we need to get a recognizable manager in to take a grasp of this dreadful posision we're in, if Tinnion remains Manager with resualts continuing as they are at late, not only will the fans be suffering more than they alreay have been for so many years but the club too, I can't quite honestly see people renewing their season tickets for another predictable season full of hope and promises by the board, we pay hard earnt cash to come to and support our beloved Club year after year after year but for what...? to see 11 players run around the pith like headless chickens.

I'm sorry Tinnion in my opinion you have had long enough, I see no improvment what so ever, just a steady deterioration from week to week, Steve admit you made the mistake and do the sensible thing and demote Tinnion to just player and bring in a Manager which we so badly need. ( it's your club too remember)

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Tins is a legend as a player and if he stays any longer people will forget that and hate the guy. Tins reads this forum and WE HAVE ALL given him stick. He must surely now stand down as the he can see the fans are not happy. Stick him as No2 or put him reserve manager with OW SHAUN TAYLOR .

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