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Heat Turned Up On Tinns


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thats what it says on the ceefax match report.

its been a total disaster.

if someone says to you at the star of the season, the whole backfour would have left or be on the transfer list, you would of thought they were mad, you know,after being the best backfour the season before(by a country mile).

if they said, your best player, all of a sudden, cant be arsed trying as hard as he used too, and was offered the chance to move out on loan, youd of thought they were mental.

my god, this blokes got 3 of the best strikers available to him and great cover, yet we cant score at home anymore, hes continued with murray, every single person can see how poor he is, he finally gives brown a start, yeah out of possistion, recalls goody then places the blame for another awfull performance on him and the others who by all accounts, don't want to play for us anymore, swithching from one formation to another 2 or 3 times a game.

nobody wanted him to fail, its now looking like a hari-kari mission, mistake follows mistake, he blames everyone bar himself, time to open are eyes,mr lansdown shouldnt of give him the managers job, assistants job first and lets see what hes made off, that mistake will now see the end of tinnion at our club, shame after his loyal service but we will only get worse as a club if hes not replaced, I'm sure he wont want to make a step back so thats that.

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