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Slapstick Football


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That's probably the worst city performance I've ever seen. Attitude/commitment/desire ain't the problem...it's the fact we have no system, no shape, no midfield.

Tinman great at ranting and putting his foot down but I really don't think he knows what he's doing tactically. To get anywhere near promotion we need a hell of a lot more than 11 players with desire. And he has to stop playing himself- he aint good enough!

We've got some quality players but none of them know what we're meant to be doing. We haven't a hope in hell of breaking down defences playing this way! Why's murray playing? Play goodfellow! What kind of formation were we playing when heff came on? 1-2-4-2-1? I'm sure Ireland was centre forward. The players were bumping into each other - it was slapstick football

Open your eyes SL, sort this mess out and get someone in with experience NOW.

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