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Not Good Enough!

Guest tommytank

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Guest tommytank

What on earth is going on at this club? How can there be so many unfit unrealiable players in the squad? I put this to everyone, was there not players upset at the appointment of Tins at the beginning of the season? was there not rumours of players disappointed that a high profiled manager was not chosen for the job? Me thinks so.And they were right! Their is surely a case of miss management going on at the moment? Our top young players being sold, are replaced by old wasters. How can our top defender and best midfielder outside the premeriship go to unfit, under par players in just one season? Its all down to one clueless bloke, i wonder who? :yawn:

And no Tins to come out every other week and say its not good enough is no excuse for your miss managerment of the club and players.

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