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Turning Point


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After voiciferously defending BT against those who wanted to get rid of him after only 2/3 of a season, last night was a turning point.

I could see that he was appearing to root out the malaise that had affected BCFC for so long.

I could see that he had made mistakes, but after some cracking performances about a 1/3 of the way into the season was starting to correct them.

However last night was very clear evidence that he's hit a brick wall. The frustration and desperation was evident.

For all the running about and clumsy tackles there didn't appear to be any plan whatsoever. We were massively ineffective. Against a team who has only (so I read from another post) won away once from home - against the bottom team.

I can stomach valiant losses where the team played well but didn't have the rub of the green. But last night the team just didn't have a clue. Again. We couldn't penetrate. We passed the ball endlessly between the back four, ran out of options then hoofed it.

There's now no sign of improvement. As long as there were signs of mistakes being corrected I had faith. But now the team is going backwards rather than forwards as a trend.

I have simply lost all confidence in BT's ability to turn this around. He pretty much raised the stakes by the 1-2-1 drama. Yesterday was the make-or-break situation he engineered himself. And he not only failed, but it was a miserable failure. Hoisted by his own petard I believe the saying goes.

Individually the players are amongst the best (bar Scotty's current form) but together they play like clueless idiots. And the manager has to take responsibility for that.

From the public view that we get to see, I like BT and his dedication to the club. But enthusiasm isn't enough. You need man-management, tactical nous and the ability to recognise talent.

At this current time in his career I believe he only has the last attribute. And in the current environment there's no evidence he will develop the tactical nous. I can't comment on the first attribute as you could read the current situation in many ways.

It is time this experiment was called short. It's damaging this club in a fundamental way. The talent that we have is surely being demoralised by what's going on. See Matty Hill for an example..

This club does not deserve this. The club has a large fanbase and potential and did not need such a high risk decision. Now that it has proven to be a failure it must be aborted as soon as possible.

How many 'must-win' games do we have to lose before something happens?

Such a shame, especially since Sturrock etc was actually available for a while.

What next? I don't know - a replacement manager obviously but with the potential for BT as no2, but I doubt that would be credible.

I have written this in the cold light of day, wanting to avoid a knee-jerk reaction and it saddens me to write it, but it is clear to me that BT has to go.

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A very good post which many of us have been saying for ages. I do not like critising MY team but I also can not just blindly follow what is so obviously a mistake.

There is no game plan other than to pass the ball across the back line then woosh it up to Brooker who is looking very average and not a patch on Peacock (when fit admitadly)

The players who Tinnion has brought in are not nearly as good as the players they have replaced. No good having 'loyal' players if they are not up to the task..rather like the manager in fact.

It looks like the team has no direction.

Said it before but this high risk appointment has put the club back at least 4 years and where as we had a team on the brink of promotion 8 months ago it will take a couple of years to sort out the present mess even if Tinnion were to go now. Who would want to take on a team with Smith, Ireland, Dinning, Bell in the first team ?? God know's how much more damage will be done if Coles and Tommy go. I know that Tommy has his problems which BT cant cope with but good managers can overcome and help players who like to ''enjoy''themselves off the pitch. Not very professional if Tommy but where is his motivation after his public slating.

I feel sorry for BT but no other club in this league would imploy him and he is clearly out of hid depth. The problem lies with Landsdown who firstly made a poor choice in the first place and more worryingly does not want to get egg on face by admitting his was wrong. How much longer will we have to wait before he acts. No doubt he will be saying that he has got to be given time etc etc, but many supporters already know that action should be taken now before any more damage is done.

God help season ticket sales next year if BT is still there in the close season. 3 of us turned up last night because we had to due to being season ticket holders. Next year we are going to be more selective and wait untill our views, the customer, are taken into account.

I look forward to the usual ' you are intitled to you opinions' comments from a Chairman who does not listen.

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A turning point for me too.

After a battling draw last week, the same side looked lost at home.

In a week when all the dirty laundry was hung out for everyone to see, i think that Timman has come to a Wardesque moment and 'doesn't know what to do'.

Not the chaps fault, poor buggar, just inexperience and the inherant problems of switching from factory floor to management.

It needs sorting.

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