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Unsettled Side


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how can he pick a settled side when he's fallen out with half the squad.

if you took a poll tomorrow, these players would all want him gone: doherty, coles, hill (oops gone himself first), fortune, wilkshire, phillips,heffernan, goodfellow, gillespie, amankwaah, and maybe even murray.

only smith, dinning, orr, brooker, lita and ireland would support him. and while i rate orr and brooker, ireland's nothing special, and certainly not championship level, while if forced to pickl between smith and dinning or coles and doherty, ven an blind monkey could pick the more talented pair. tinnion has to go - and by staying, when it's so obvious he can't do it, he's just going down in my estimation, and tarnishing the legend. it will be really sad if we remember him with hate instead of love, but he'd better go soon if that's not going to be the case.

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