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We Are 10th


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it took a lot of bottle for SL to appoint Tins & Millen at the start of the season, it would take a lot more to admit it!

Unfortunetly bottle is something the whole club lacks!

It didn't take bottle to appoint Tinnion in the summer. It would have taken bottle to overlook him and appoint a real manager. Giving the job to Tinnion just hours after Danny was sacked was the easy way out. They should have advertised the job nationally, then sat down and considered the options, and then, and only then, appoint Tinnion if they felt he was better than the other applicants. The whole thing was done in a very unbusinesslike way and smacks of amateurism, and we are now paying the price. Tinnion was a couple of years too soon for this job, and a spell as Assistant Manager would have been ideal.

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