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I couldn't for the life of me work out the formation after the subs.

Back Smith,Ireland,Carey,Bell,

Midfield Murray, Dinning,Orr

Forward Lita,Heffernen,Brooker,

Thats was what it should have been from the changes however it was

Smith, Carey

Dinning,Orr, Bell,



What the hell is this. also Tinnion went back to left back with Brown in Central with Fortune wide left.

Tactics all over the place rubbish,

also why pick yourself tins if you are going to subsitute yourself every game?

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I see now it all makes sense.

I think Ireland was pushed up in desparation and nearly sneaked a goal

Subs were weird though.

Ten mins into 2nd half :city: this must have been pre planned,but why?

To confuse Walsall? well it confused me :city:

I would have stuck with Scott B.After a dodgy start he was lookin good just behind the front two? :grr:

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