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Anyone Go To Yeovil Today


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A group of us went down got to say it was a pleaseure to actually watch a well organised football team. Decisions went against them, they didn't argue with the ref once the ticket price is reasonable, food and drinks are cheapand was generally a good day especially seeing the gas loose as well even though they did cause a few problems late on. Yeovil though seem to have a half decent team down there and with a couple of defenders may do alright if they go up. Kev came on last 20 mins or so didn't see much of the ball but made one good run and put in a good cross, seemed wierd seeing him in a green and white shirt. Although it was a good day it still wasn't the same as watch City play, to all those fans who are loosign faith, don't we all love the club no matter what we say and ever club has it's highs and its lows but we have to look at how lucky w are. We have a half decent ground, a board who are keeping us afloat and a potential fan base to make some premiership clubs jealous. Things might not be going well at the moment but one day soon things will change and we will be pushing to get out of this awful league once again.

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