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Time For Change

Red Robin

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Right firstly at the top Our board is very very rich.

All money Which has been invested has probably been brought in through the club,as I understand all moneys invested by the directours are to be paid back on very low interest rates.

The ambition at the top to me seems very little [they are very good at talking]

Management level football side is completly naive and has no idea.The people in the stands seem more intellegant on what needs doing on the field of play.

Some players are okay others quite clearly are not,however playing this lot at present seems like they all come from different planets.

This football club has gone back massivaly in one season, and yes DW should have gone for blowing the playoffs.However he would have been a far better bet than this management team.

I would love to see change from top to bottom and BCFC grabbed by the throught and taken onward and upward.

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