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Would More Money Help?


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Personally i think the financial side of the clubs is handled just fine by Steve and Colin, we have a fixed wage bill and don't have any 30+ ex-england internationals on 10k a week scoffing our wage bill.

Steve wont throw money at the club willy nilly, sucessful business men are sucessful for that reason alone, but i just wonder if Steve will look at this season and think maybe he should have given Tins a bigger budget for wages, it will be a question i'm sure he has asked himself as its a fine balance between just the right amount and needlessly giving the green light for every target the gaffer wants.

Another thought is that Steve DID have this idea and DID give BT the funds to get us promoted, but BT with little commerical, managerial and negociating skills blew what he had, or decided what we had was ok.

Anyways, when you look at clubs like Hull, with players like Anderton and managers like Taylor you start to wonder if heavey investment in certain areas pays off.

Hull have 16000 in the stadium each week, this is a fantastic attendence.

Whats is this due to?

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