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Way Forward?

city nut

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Since Friday night I have been thinking about what is best for our football club?

1- Should we sack Brian Tinnion or demote him to coach and then bring in an experience manager who has achieved promotion from this league before? i.e. Dave Jones?

2- Should we give Brian another go next season and hope that this season has been a learning curve?

My heart tells me that I want Brian Tinnion to succeed but my brain is telling me that he is not up to the job. My worry is that if he gets another chance next season then it could be a wasted season yet again. In the worse case scenario we could find ourselves in Rovers position a few season ago as our form at the moment would see us relegated if it did not improve next season!!

The next logical step would be to consider sacking Brian or demoting him and bringing in a proven manager at this level. The problem with this is that we have brought in big names in the past with Tony Pulis?(maybe not but was highly rated at the Gillingham) and Danny Wilson. These two were given money and paid huge sums of money and did not achieve promotion. This has taught us that a big name manager does not necessarily guarantee promotion. This means that a new manager could be another costly mistake.

It is looking more and more unlikely that we are going to make the playoffs and if we do it is a bonus. So I feel we should leave Tinnion in charge but say that he has got till the end of the season to prove himself. If Brian can get the team playing better football and winning games by May then he should get another chance next season.

If Tinnion wastes this chance and the team is still as bas as they were on Friday night then we should look to replace him with a new manager.

If the club leave Tinnion in charge without seeing a noticeable improvement in results then next season could be even worse than this one.

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