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Tinman: If You Still Read The Forum....


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I would like to add my support to the Tinman, who has been blamed for everything bad that has happened this season and not credited for anything good this season!

Agreed, our form at present and this season in general has been shockingly inconsistent. Our season has been summed up in the last two games. Go away to Hull, a team that are likely to be promoted and get a deserved point there, and then lose at home to an average league one side at home.

There was little support for Tinman after the Hull game, despite his efforts to sort out the troublemakers at the club the previous week, the credit went mainly to his players!

However, we lose at home to Walsall and Tinman gets abuse from almost everyone and the players don't get mentioned at all!

I know it has always been said that a Manager should take the blame when things go bad, but I think people have jumped on the bandwagon too early again to oust out somebody that gives 100% on the pitch and off it!

Its a shame that we couldnt be more patient with him as a Manager than what we were with him as a player. Unfortunately, I cant see the chairman being patient enough to keep him on long enough to sort out the club.

I would just like to add a personal message to Tinman if he's reading this that if he does decide to resign I will not hold anything against the bloke for what he has achieved with us as a player and a manager, he has been 100% committed to us throughout.

The only major criticism I have had of him is his appointment of his number two. I'm sure we'd be in a comfortable playoff position now if he had appointed someone experienced that had no connections with the club.

To finish off I'd just like to thank you Brian again for all your efforts to try to put this club back in the right direction! I will support you and your players until the dreaded and almost inevitable day that you're no longer connected with this club!

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As much as I didn't agree with his appointment, I do feel sorry for the bloke. He's obviously trying his best. He's made tactical mistakes and some curious team selections, but maybe there is some hope.

The best thing IMO that he has done is to try to make this club less of a soft touch and to weed out the freeriders. If he can weather this pretty torrid storm and start getting results, the club could come out of this stronger.

He's learning all the time and he sincerely wishes BCFC to be successful. What he needs to do now is to stop playing and concentrate solely on managing. Also, he needs to swallow his pride and get shot of Millen and bring in an experienced no 2.

These measures should earn more respect from the majority and I believe we will start to move forward again.

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Exactly what I was trying to say, well said that man!

Just to add that I think you're right that if we were to sneak into the playoffs with Tinman still in charge, he will get us promoted this season. However, in order for us to achieve sixth spot or higher I think a lot of us are agreed on the fact that Tinman needs to show some guts now by getting rid of Millen and getting someone in that is experienced build on Tinmans foundations!

Sing up, 'Tinman is a sh1thead.....'

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