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Lost In Translation


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Over the last few weeks, err months.....; this season we've been treated to a number of regular cliches to explain our pathetic form - ad nauseum. (See, it's catching!)

But what do they actually mean?

Here's some examples from today's EP. If you would like to add your own, who knows? In a few hours we may have enough to publish a book to rival Harry Stoke and Vinny Green's, "A dictionary of Bristle".

Smith: We have to pull together - we couldn't be further apart right now.

Tinnion - We're low on confidence - not to mention ability, workrate, desire.....

Tinnion - We are lacking desire - note to self; remove lacking and the e and s from desire.

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Steve L - Judge me on Brian - did I really say that? Is it on record?

Steve L - "It is premature to be critical, we have to give Brian 10 or 15 games to get the thing sorted out and see how we progress." - How about another 10 - 15 games? Oh what the hell! Lets call it a nice round season.

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tinman explained:

we lacked quality in the final third - i don't know what tactics to use against teams who come to defend

we want him to go on loan to regain his sharpness - we need the space on the bench for the ones who've just come back off loan

he needs to get his head sorted - he doesn't like me and i don't like him

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