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A History Of Self Destruction

City Exile

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I was not at the game on Saturday. It was dire on the radio, and seemed to be a watershed for many fans I know who I respect, who regarded it as inept.

As a fan of a few years, I thought I would give a personal view, as everybody else seems to have had there say. Apologies if it gets a bit rambling (its an age thing). But lets look at a few facts.

Fact 1 What is done is done

Let me start by saying I was one of those, mentioned elsewhere, who said it was time for Wilson to leave, but I would shake his hand. I am sure there were 101 reasons why Steve made the decision he made, of which fans views may have been one. It is a fact that the decision was made. It is completely irrelevant now as to whether it was right or wrong. He went. It is completely irrelevent as to whether Tinnion should have been made manager. He was. Whilst I accept these are areas for interesting debate, they do nothing to help us forward, unless any City fan has a time machine. Lets plan on where we really are, not where we would like to be.

I have seen endless threads that at various times talk about bring back Wilson, Jordon, Benny or Ward. That is not building for the future, that is typical BCFC fan speak for our attempt at a time machine. Their time has passed.

Fact 2 Supporting Bristol City is not about winning

If you want a team that wins most games, support Chelsea, Arsenal or Man Utd...at the moment. Feel free to support a new team if this dynamic changes.

Supporting BCFC is not about winning. Any team will find its level. If you really do support City 'till you die' then if we are really lucky, they might get to be a mid table Premier side one day. They will still lose as many as they win. The reason I support the boys is they are (were) my local side and played down the road. In my few years supporting them, I have seen them in every league, including winning at Highbury in the old Div 1, and getting completly stuffed at Northampton in Div 4.

Here's the beef. Supporting City means you have a lot of really crap times. This is one of them. Get used to it. It means however we earn the right to enjoy the good times that much more than other fans, because it is our local side.

Fact 3 - Its about enjoying the game

So if it is not about winning games all the time, it can only be because it is fun. I have enjoyed football at the gate in the bottom league immensely - The Walshy shuffle was largely delievered at this level. AG crowds largely tolerate anything, but a lack of commitment from players.

Fact 4 - The last three years have been good years

In the last 30 years, the last 3 represent broadly good years - 2 trips to the Milly, play offs, more wins than losses. Better than average. It is against that expectation, that todays mid table appears poor. It ain't. Frankly, its about an average season. Our expectations are high.

Fact 5 - We will be in this league next year.

Well not quite a fact yet - but it will help I suspect if we get used to it now. A new manager now will not get us up, or get us relegated this season. It would seem to me sensible for somebody from the club to say in no uncertain terms we are likely to be in this league next year, and there is no question of BT leaving before the end of the season. With no pressure on him, I have no idea as to how BTs team will react. Maybe he can take a few risks and play whatever he is happy with.

I would settle right now for at least seeing the symbalance of a system emerging. A sort of 'ah, that's what he is getting at'.

There is nothing to be gained in my view by changing manager right now, and it is therefore low risk to give the man until the end of the season.

Fact 6 - The one thing that is unacceptable is lack of commitment

I am fortunate in having a pretty decent income. Even then, watching BC is not cost free - my cost is time, time with the family etc. I have competing demands on it. We have on paper one of the best squads in this league. I can not believe anybody associated with BCFC is turning up to do a bad job, but sometimes it certainly does looks like it. I will not accept lack of commitment.

Fact 7 - Football is a team game.

If any player is not entirely 100% committed to giving their best to BCFC when on the pitch wearing our colours, then they should go. If they are not 100% committed to ensuring they are in the best shape to give 100% on the pitch, then they should go. If they are not 100% committed to the management of the club at any given time, they should go.

Any manager who employs staff in any walk of life will say some staff will resist change. They will not all make the journey. Sadly, sometimes they are the ones with on paper the best skills. Tough. Arguably, every team that has got promoted from our league in the last few years has at its core a group of players where the team ethic comes first.

I am prepared to give up my time (and money) to watch you, if you are prepared to give of your best. I have no intention of leaving my club. You will have to, if that deal is not completed.

Fact 8 - Keep the faith - it adds value to your life.

We are down at the moment. Something is not right. It will get put right eventually because it has to. And when its crap, as it is now, the question has to arise as to whether its worth it. If you are nearer the start of 30 years of supporting this team than the end, I would have to say stick with it. Because for me undeniably, and unequivically the answer is yes.

I have watched more poor performances than I care to remember over 30 years. But it is still my team. The most dramatic memories I have in my life are the birth of my children, and half a dozen or so City memories - winning at Highbury, staying up at Coventry, winning at Liverpool in the cup (now who did score than winner), winning when we were at the bottom of the 4th with a bunch of kids, wondering whether the headline in tommorrows paper was 'City survive' or 'City go out of business'.. Even now, they all make the hairs on the back of my neck tingle.

I do not know what will be the equivlalent ones will be over the next 30 years, but I know they will be there. They are irreplacable and well worth those bad performances to me. The 'wet night's at Rochdale' mean you enjoy them all the more.

This club is a great club - not because it will win the European Cup, but because it is simply, Bristol City. My city, my club, my dreams, my passion. And together the fans, management, and players are more than capable of getting us to where we want to be, if they support eachother - and in my expirience, the fans support will naturally follow effort from the othe two.

Now lets stop arsing about, and get on with it.

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Ditto no8, 35year sentence for me as well; we are only trying to say/do what we think is right for our club as we are all dissapointed by recent performances.

Letting it out is a good thing as is having a mind of your own and saying what you think.

This doesnt mean we will be throwing in the towel, most will be there when we can, till our or the clubs end. :unsure::):grr:

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