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Sl Last Active On Here!

Yate Red

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Says alot me thinks?!?!

Not really.

Despite the fact is he on holiday, personally if I were him I wouldn't bother reading let alone replying to the vast majority of utter BULL that is posted on that forum anyway.

The Ask Steve L forum is a waste of space in my view, it is abused by too many of the forum muppet brigade - You know who you are!

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What do you know of my life testical genius? Just thought I would point out an intersting fact if you don't think its interesting don't reply!!

Are you part of the if I don't agree don't post it brigade?

And as for being on here 24/7 then you are mistaken! Just better on here than what work I'm meant to be doing!! :D

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Tinnion's not been online since Mid December :D

i don't think tinnion has the time to come on here.

if he did the fans would moan that he is not taking the

job seriously and not putting the effort in.

he has a hard enough time from the fans as it is.

stick with him and he will come good.

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