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First step to 'getting it right', give up playing NOW.

Yes, on your day, you can still contribute a lot more than others on the pitch but the desperate need is to sort this Club out from top to bottom... that's a 24/7 task alone.. you can't be training/focusing on playing in games when so many 'behind-the-scenes' fundamentals need to be sorted. You can't also put the occasional sub-standard performance in and expect to retain the respect of the other players/squad.

However painful it is ... hang up your boots now .....the legacy of Wilson and Co. need full-time management to sort. Even more so if you're relatively inexperienced at the task.

Andy Heselentiler (sp!) at Gillingham didn't have the decay that is endemic in our Club to address - it would be impossible for anyone to play and manage at City and expect to be a success.

Focus your energies on one thing - MANAGEMENT (and sort out your scouts and coaches as priority no. 1). WINNERS only please from now on - we're in the results business in case some of them have forgotten.

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I agree with a lot of those sentiments, particularly the comment about the Coaching Set-Up (Academy included). Looking ahead, please let's plan some more Reserve Team games next season so we don't need to send a third of the squad out on loan. And perhaps the Academy could develop a competitive streak and avoid getting embarrassed at least every other week.

We seem to be disorganised below first team level, is it any wonder fringe players struggle when called upon to do a job? And yet those same, apparently struggling players, go on loan elsewhere, get some decent training and experience and end up setting the place on fire.

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